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Tuesday 18th August 2020 9:30 - 4:00pm

More information to follow on my second Womens Wellness Day



What a successful day..... 19th August 2019


What an amazing day we had!  After months of planning and 2 days of setting up and taking down my first Women's Wellness Day went off without a hitch.  The speakers were all amazing, the food was delicious and everyone who attended came with open minds and a willingness to enjoy something new in the safe company of other women.  Scroll down to take a look at a few photos we managed to grab during the day and at the bottom have a read of some of the amazing reviews I have received.  I hope they inspire you to want to attend the next event I have planned....Winter Wellness is already being formulated :)

The calm before the storm...waiting for everyone to arrive


Introduction to what the day holds.


The lunch Marquee ready and waiting.


Colbury Hall ready and waiting!


Goody bags hanging in anticipation!


Beautiful Beck's Armstrong from Clarity with mindfulness tips.


Amazing Kate introducing us to Foundation Training


A selection of the delicious lunch spread.


Have a look :)


Dr Louise with advice for your Best Life After 40.


Yummy....food and chat.


Lovely Liz talking about all things pelvic floor and more

A few days later a handful of us managed to make the first Mindfulness Walk in the

New Forest.

A little extract of my Miracle Ball Method introduction to breath.

Have a read of some of the wonderful reviews .....


"Just wanted to say thank you so much for organising a wonderful workshop. It must have taken a massive amount of thought, effort and planning and it was a fabulous day.  All the speakers were thought provoking and inspiring. The practical sessions were great and a good way to balance everything. The food was fabulous and I didn’t miss meat at all!
I hope you and Dave have a lovely restful evening and perhaps a small glass of wine would be deserved!
Thanks again"

Wendy 😁

"A quick note because l am sure you are between a high and exhaustion.  Just wanted to say a huge thank you for an excellent day, learnt a lot, was reminded of things l had forgotten, great food and good company.  What more can one ask for.
I know how much time and effort both you and Dave put into this workshop and l can only congratulate you on a huge success.
Than you."

Marion C xx

"What a wonderful day!!! 
Everything ran like clockwork, the food was delicious and all the speakers were excellent.  You did an excellent job Frances (not forgetting Dave of course) even down to the inspired touch of Victoria Wood ! 
Thank you."

Love Hazel


"Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed our day yesterday.  I think we all recognised and appreciated how much thought and care you and all those helping you put into planning and organising the day – all the extra touches that were there to make it so attractive, welcoming and special.  The  outside speakers were all very interesting, informative and easy to listen to – I haven’t stopped moving around more yet and am looking forward to experiencing the results of your Foundation Training course!!
 It was a lovely day, thank you."

Best wishes,

Madeleine x


"Well done for yesterday – a triumph! Really interesting, really enjoyable, brilliantly organised. I’m so glad I came.
Thanks again for yesterday. I hope you were delighted with the response and reactions."


"Thank you so much for organising and presenting yesterday's amazing Wellness Day.  I did enjoy it, and found all the speakers interesting and very helpful.  I also thought Kate's introduction to Foundation Training was extraordinary!
And the food was delicious! 
With very grateful thanks and best wishes,"


"Thank you so much for yesterday, I had a great day and what an amazing selection of speakers you organised. The affection and mutual respect in which you all hold each was really clear to everyone I'm sure. What a great celebration of women!
Here's a lovely article about ageing if you have time to read it - a rare positive one, it's not very long but it's really good.

Hope to see you again soon, please let me know if you want more specific feedback. I slightly suspect the caterer had forgotten that there was a vegan coming along but that didn't matter a bit, there was plenty of lovely vegan stuff!
Many thanks"


"Thank you for a very interesting, informative and enjoyable day. So well organised and the speakers were just right – as was the lunch.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did."


"Thank you so much for today, it was so enlightening with brilliant speakers. You have worked so hard, with your sidekick Dave.
All the best for a few days rest,"



Just wanted to thank you once again for a very informative and inspiring day.
So good to meet up with other women who like to keep an open mind to learning new ways.
Amazing food and everywhere looked so good  FAB!!
See you soon"



"Thank you so much for every beautiful detail of today, so informative,encouraging,relaxed and delicious!
Many thanks to all the team.
Looking forward to the start of Pilates"

Lin x

"What a terrific day! Every detail taken care of with much thought and love.
Thank you for a wonderful day full of insights and common sense."

Kaarina x


"It was great,thank you Frances. We thought that it  was a super day- so well organised and the course content so appropriate to everyone l spoke to."

Val. X

"A huge thank you to you Frances for a very successful day.....can imagine that you and Dave will have been shattered by Tuesday!,There was a lot to take on board, and good to be reminded of lots of things that we probably know but needed some prodding!Am MOST interested in the Nordic Walking.....will be contacting Dave from "October!



"Thanks Fran
I thought it was a really successful day. The people sat further back than I was may have had difficulty hearing and reading the slides but it was fine for me.
I particularly enjoyed the ambiance you created with bunting, balloons, flowers, goody bags etc. It felt like a real treat!
The speakers were all excellent, and covering useful topics.
Personally I would have enjoyed slightly more exercise sessions, though I appreciate it is hard to fit everything in.
Thanks so much for all your hard work and inspiration!"


"Just also want to say how fabulous the well woman day was, your speakers were great, and Kate and yourself were brilliant as you always are, great credit to you for putting it on, even thinking of the flowers for the display and tables, along with all the bunting that decorated the hall, well done to all.
Also, food supplied by Sarah was exceptional, glad you used her, hopefully she will get business from the day, I will certainly use her if I need catering at any time."

Bridget x

"A slightly belated ‘well done’ for Monday.. what a day we had!   It was such fun and nice to meet new people..
Hope you and Dave get a bit of a rest now?"

Sue x


"It certainly was a superb day, it went without a hitch and all the speakers were interesting and kept our attention, all nice ladies.
The food was superb and having the marquee and flowers on the table are the things that made this day very special, all the attention to detail.
I am so pleased for you that it went so well, I told my sister in law about it and she is waiting for the next one !!
Thank you once again
Looking forward to the next one"

Maggie xx

"Thank you so much Frances for organising such a lovely day on Monday. Much enjoyed and I met Alison Long who I haven’t seen for a while.
Interested in your mindfulness walks in the future. Also maybe your Nordic walks after talking to your lovely husband. Will make plans and may get back on that one."

Carole Tennant



"I cannot thank you enough for organising such a brilliant day.  Everything was perfect in my view.  Each one of the three main speakers were amazing and really interesting in their own right.  I hope you don’t mind but I have spoken to my daughter-in-law who is a midwife and runs the local Naked Midwives group.  I think she will definitely be contacting Liz Knowles to see if she will speak to her group of mums to be, or may even try to organise an event similar to your own.
Personally, I could have listened to Louse Wiseman all day and will definitely buy her book.  I thought she was amazing, but all of the speakers gave us information we do not often hear, particularly as our own GPs are really too busy for a general discussion now.
If I was really picky and had a criticism it would be that I would have liked a bit more of your own Pilates but realise that 40 plus women might be a bit difficult to organise.  Also, definitely would not have wanted to cut back on anyone else’s time, so perhaps that could be for another day.
Finally, the food was great.
Thank you and Dave for all the effort you put in, the hall and marquee all looked lovely and you must have worked very hard.  Well done."
Kind regards,"



Hi Frances, hope you’ve finally moved out of the recovery position!  What a triumphant day.  From start to finish the organisation was outstanding and the quality of speakers very impressive. 
All your special touches from Jane Fonda (really took me back) to Fanny graffiti, lifting skulls and walking planks added fun and interest.  Flowers and food were wonderful too and so glad the sun shone at the right times and that Dave wasn’t carried off with the marquee to Southampton water.
Big ticks all round from me but if you need something to work on then my only comment would be that I’d have liked to/needed to move a wee bit more.  We spoke a lot about the negative effects of sitting for too long but then sat for quite a long time! 
Thank you so much for a great day, I took so much away from it and really appreciate all the hard work it took to bring it all together.  Well done you.
Lots of love,

Alison xv

Hope you’ve been relaxing in the sunshine after Monday! That was a fabulous day,  Frances, thank you very much for taking the time and effort (massive) to bring together such an interesting, informative and inspiring day. It was a a fantastic opportunity and privilege to see and listen to professionals at the top of their game, they were all excellent speakers. I’m sure everyone walked away with great knowledge and confidence, I certainly did. Perfect yummy lunch too. Many thanks again, very much appreciated 😘