Miracle Ball Method


Friday Workshops Dates and Fees - 2020

Once a month on Friday mornings I hold a 2 hour Miracle Ball class.  Please note that these sessions are OPEN TO ALL and no experience of Pilates is required.  I guide you through the method so that you can continue  with home practice.  The cost is £30 or £25 for my current clients. Please contact me to book a place.

The Miracle Ball Method is a self help method designed to lower the excess tension in our muscles relieving chronic conditions such as low back ache, neck ache, shoulder tension, anxiety and much more. The method balances your body, releasing tight muscles and strengthening weak ones.  It is safe, progressive and tailored to your abilities and needs.

The ball is not used to exercise or to massage with but by simply resting your body weight on the ball your brain begins to understand how to “un”wind, “un”work and “un”do the chronic holding of excess muscular tension that most of us experience.

Once the muscles begin to ease up then circulation begins to move into the area and breathing is stimulated.  We don’t need to learn to breath deeply but to notice that due to our lifestyles how much we hold or pause our breath causing the cycle of pain and anxiety to persist.

All you have to do is learn some very simple directions and the process begins a new found relationship with your body.  

Your body knows how to recover we just need to let it happen.
No experience of pilates is required for these classes.