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COVID-19 ..... Latest news on my classes

Whilst we are trying to maintain social distancing or self isolating I have activated my Members area within this website.  On it you will find the sessions detailed below commencing from Monday 23rd March.  If you are a current client then please do click on the login button on the top right of this screen.  You will be asked for your email and to create a password and then I will approve you and you'll be ready to go.

If you aren't a client and have just stumbled upon my website then do contact me and I can add you :)

Emergency weekly online program ... available in the members area currently for existing clients only :

Monday  -  Pilates
Tuesday  -  Miracle Balls
Wednesday  -  Wellness
Thursday  -  Foundation Training
Friday  -  Functional Fitness (fun!)
Frances Stephens

I qualified with Body Control Pilates back in 2000 and since then have continued to develop my love of Pilates and other functional body work.  I have established my pilates classes at Colbury Hall, Ashurst in the New Forest over the past 18 years with many of my original clients still turning up every week and  who have grown and developed alongside me, with all that life has thrown at us!

My classes are informal, small and non competitive and we have fun whilst getting the job done.

My role is to support and encourage all my clients to achieve a more fluid, stronger and toned body and even to look and feel younger and more vital with improved posture and breathing.  

My teaching style is relaxed and approachable, while paying attention to the precision that is the pilates method.  

I am also a Nordic Walking Instructor alongside my hubby Dave ( who is also my admin/design expert) and blessed to be the mother of three wonderful young men Jack, Ben and Tom.